Thunder Paper Echoes by Lillian Union

A Reading Map


Can a 35th century guy and a 21st century gal hook up and make it work? Especially if they have to pull it off in 7th century China. Anna Floyd, a frustrated random time traveler from the south side of Chicago, clashes with Michio Cadogan, a professional Time Adjuster from the mountains of Australia, in Lillian Union’s novel Thunder Paper Echoes.

He befriends her as she tries to escape the clutches of the Emperor’s daughter for practicing ‘witchcraft’. But is he there to help her or silence her? Is he, in fact, the political assassin who murdered her mother? Or does he have an entirely different agenda of his own?

Does traveling from present day city of Xian, China to the ancient capital of the Tang Dynasty, Chang’an, as well as the south side of Chicago to the Australian mountain village of Faulconbridge and Tasmania’s Shipstern Bluff get you a little disoriented? Think of this book map as your own private GPS unit that keeps you on track and provides more background on these intriguing places and times. SELECT A CITY→

Lillian Union, L.K. Union, Thunder Paper Echoes, time travel, romantic adventure

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  1. That’s odd. I visited your page yesterday and could have sworn I left a comment on this post. My initial response was wittier, but I am intrigued by the total mish-mash potential of this idea. Two things that don’t go together…what the hell…throw it in and see what happens. Orange chocolate turned out to be really good, so there’s precedent.

  2. You may have–how the comment section on this blog works still has me baffled. Thanks for the kind words.

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